Integrative Time Reporting (ITR)

In an organization, it is impossible to track time of every employee. Time reporting is crucial when it comes to project management. Eventually, an organization bills for the time and resources spent on a particular project. With a mission to meet this challenge and ease time reporting process for the clients, Integrative Systems developed ITRS.

ITRS works as a central place for time reporting for all the associates' pan organization. It is a user-friendly product designed and developed to report and track “hours worked” on a weekly basis by all associates pan organization.

Benefits of ITRS by Integrative Systems:
  • Efficient project management and time allocation
  • Hassle-free time management
  • Transparent accounting for both company and client
  • No poorly planned projects
  • No missing deadlines
  • No delayed feedback and approvals
  • Easy to keep track of billable hours
  • Better control of projects and resources
  • No issues with authority and point of contact
Currently, five types of application users can work on the ITRS interface: 
  • Admin
  • Approver
  • Onsite Manager
  • Offshore Manager
  • Associates