Priyanka Joshi

Priyanka Joshi

I am a people person and I believe in growing with everyone. With over 9 years of rich experience in tracking, shipment, inventory control, payment follow-ups, monitoring, payments, and remittance, I am one of the first few employees of Integrative Systems. This gave me an opportunity to see my company evolve from a start-up of 3 team members to a large high-valued profit-center with an overseas presence.

As a team leader, I firmly believe that a successful team leader is one who gives equal opportunities to its team members and polishes them to be a future leader.

At Integrative Systems I am responsible for several crucial tasks. Some of them are purchase order management, inventory control, proforma order desk application, handling the accounting team, achieving SLA’ with essential quality, and monitoring individual productivity.

Having a Post-Graduation in Commerce, I carry a diversified portfolio covering FMCG to newspapers and magazines. This wide mix profile has given me exposure to the operation of different business verticals. Apart from above, I have also mastered in tracking shipment & follow-up with logistic, inventory control, pay run & check payment, monitoring ACI, ACH & credit card payments and check remittance.

My excellent communication and leadership skills helped me deal with challenging situations in the workforce. Lastly, I am inclined to keep my team motivated and strive to maintain a healthy group dynamic.