In a nutshell, I would like to say, I possess a sound knowledge of different technologies which has helped me solve complicated technical problems, in a timely manner. I have more than a decade’s experience in working, managing and administrating technology projects.

When it comes to the technical support process, I can proudly say that I am an all-rounder. Right from helping an enterprise with troubleshooting steps to providing remote customer support via email, portal or phone, to flawless installation, deployment, management of applications. I always make sure to educate my customers while solving their problems.

As a lead technical support engineer in Integrative Systems, I always persuade my team members to exhibit patience and empathy towards their customers. Apart from this, I ensure my team members have logged all issues correctly, help them prioritizing and solving problems accordingly. Post troubleshooting inquiry is one thing that has helped me connect with my customers. I always make sure to follow up and get constant feedback from my clients to make sure that their IT systems are working seamlessly.

Certified as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Microsoft), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (Horizon) and Professional Certification Laptop Chip Level (Chiptroniks,) I enjoy working in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment.

I have a thorough understanding of ERP execution, network support, and multiple vendor coordination. I am adept with AS400, POS and Windows application support, a multi-channel helpdesk system and multiple vendor coordination.

My previous work experience incorporates – system and windows server 2003 installation, implementation and deployment, database connectivity with MS Access.