Balaji Salve

Balaji Salve

I have a keen interest in designing effective network architecture, and that’s the one reason I choose Network Administration as what I want to do professionally. Over the past six years, I have acquired a robust understanding of system administration, configuration, troubleshooting of the Windows server environment and solving performance issues.

At Integrative Systems, I take several measures to safeguard the company’s data, ensure all the critical data are backed up and safely held. I closely monitor system activities and prevent any data breach. As an infrastructure manager, I am constantly researching and determining the best course of action for a new application in collaboration with my technology team. I conduct training sessions to make them understand that a company’s data is critical, and about their individual roles to secure them.

With the understanding of Linux, Windows Server, Windows security, Active Directory solutions, Server Hardware specifically Dell and Cisco Flex pod, VM environment. I take care of Network Security & Patch Management, enterprise Antivirus solutions. Implement, configure and manage Firewall, Routers, and Switches. Along with this, I take care of content filter policy, host configuration, access rule implementation on the security devices.

With a Certified in CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), I strive to manage IT Infrastructure and Security to Maximize Uptime and Protection of Data.

Challenged motivates me, I feel empowered to make decisions and to handle tough situations – all the while I know that the minute I ask for advice or assistance, I will get it. Integrative Systems is enthusiastic towards new talent, it is a great place to develop skills and collaborate across borders.