Custom Software Development
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Are Collaborative Tools Adding Value to Your Business?

Have you ever finished out your day and wondered, what did I get done today? You’re not alone. So, what happened? I’m sure we didn’t squander the time away, I’m sure we did something productive… right? Maybe, on average, we spend 28%…
AS400/iSeries Consulting

Exploring to Move Your AS400/iSeries Applications to a Reliable, Responsive, and Flexible Cloud state?

Cloud technology has helped several businesses to incorporate flexibility along with the reliability and responsiveness. It is not difficult to migrate your AS400/iSeries applications to the cloud, but it requires experience and expertise in…
iSeries Consulting Company
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Defining a Culture and Administering it is not How Cultures are made. Know what culture means for us, at Integrative Systems

Every company’s wish is to incorporate a good corporate culture as a part of their business brand. But do we have any definition for a good corporate culture. There are several theories and articles on what good corporate culture is and how…