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Exploring to Move Your AS400/iSeries Applications to a Reliable, Responsive, and Flexible Cloud state?

Cloud technology has helped several businesses to incorporate flexibility along with the reliability and responsiveness. It is not difficult to migrate your AS400/iSeries applications to the cloud, but it requires experience and expertise in successfully making the move. Any organisation exploring a strategy to move to the cloud should take into account several factors such […]

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Defining a Culture and Administering it is not How Cultures are made. Know what culture means for us, at Integrative Systems

Every company’s wish is to incorporate a good corporate culture as a part of their business brand. But do we have any definition for a good corporate culture. There are several theories and articles on what good corporate culture is and how one can achieve this; then why is it that several companies, including the […]

Will further investments in IBM AS400/iSeries applications help you achieve your business outcomes? Let’s dig the topic deeper

The IBM iSeries is a midrange server developed to fit data storage and computing requirements for businesses.  Since launch, the system has undergone several enhancements and IBM has consistently invested in reinvigorating and delivering new capabilities on the iSeries platform, and most importantly customers are taking advantage of these cutting-edge technologies to deliver new business […]

Why so Many Irrelevant Questions on The Future of AS400/iSeries systems?

In 1988, IBM introduced the AS400 system with several integrated systems featuring hardware (AS400) and an operating system (OS400). The system was used to perform data integration and several other core business functions. With the passage of time, both the hardware and software of AS400 have undergone many upgrades, revisions, and name changes.   Today the AS400 […]